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ICF Credential Exam Preparation Kit

Course Introduction:

The ICF Credential Exam stands as a milestone in every coach's journey. Designed meticulously, our ICF Credential Exam Preparation Kit serves as an exhaustive guide, walking you through the intricacies of the exam. Featuring comprehensive video reviews, practice questions, and interactive sessions, this kit is your one-stop solution to mastering the ICF Credential Exam.

Course Components:

  1. Introduction to the ICF Exam (Presented by Jackie): Delve deep into the fabric of the ICF exam, understanding its format, objectives, and significance. Jackie, with her profound knowledge, will set the stage, ensuring you are oriented and ready for the subsequent content.

  2. ICF Exam Question Analysis (Videos 1-8) (Hosted by Cathy & Jackie): Spread across eight videos, Cathy and Jackie dissect each ICF exam question. Tapping into their combined experience, they not only review the questions but provide indispensable tips and tricks. They'll guide you on how to spot hints and interpret the question's essence, equipping you with the tools to approach the actual exam with clarity and confidence.

  3. Course Wrap-up (Led by Cathy): A reflective conclusion that brings together the teachings from the previous sessions. Cathy will encapsulate the core learnings, emphasizing key strategies and providing a final boost of motivation as you gear up for the exam.

  4. Bimonthly Interactive Sessions: Twice a month, engage in a live, one-hour interactive Q&A session. It's an opportunity to voice any concerns, delve deeper into specific areas, or clarify doubts about the exam or questions.

  5. Weekly Practice Exam Questions: To ensure consistent practice, every week you will receive eight new practice exam questions tailored around the ICF core competencies. This iterative practice aims to fortify your knowledge and refine your answering technique.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completing this course, learners will:

  1. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the ICF exam format and objectives.
  2. Develop a strategic approach to deciphering and answering ICF exam questions.
  3. Enhance their awareness of the ICF core competencies through regular practice.
  4. Benefit from the expert insights of Cathy and Jackie, seasoned coaches with vast experience in ICF exam preparation.
  5. Build confidence in their ability to navigate the ICF Credential Exam successfully.

Target Audience:

Aspiring coaches preparing for the ICF Credential Exam, or professionals seeking a deeper understanding of ICF core competencies.

Embark on this transformative journey with Cathy, Jackie, and the ICF Credential Exam Preparation Kit, and pave your path to ICF certification success.