Mastering the ICF Core Competencies: A Comprehensive Guide for Coaches

Knowledge of ICF Core Competencies is essential to being an effective coach. Today, we're breaking down these competencies to help you understand their importance and how to utilize them effectively in your coaching sessions.

Mastering the ICF Core Competencies: A Comprehensive Guide for Coaches

As a coach, you strive to provide the best support and guidance to your clients, helping them unlock their full potential and achieve their goals. To be an effective coach, it is crucial to understand and utilize the ICF Core Competencies. These competencies serve as the foundation for the coaching profession and are essential for acquiring the ICF Certified Coach credential. In this blog post, we will break down the ICF Core Competencies, emphasizing their importance and how to effectively utilize them in your coaching sessions.

Demonstrates Ethical Practice

Coaching is a profession built on trust and integrity. Demonstrating ethical practice means understanding and consistently applying...

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Yogi (the Tour Guide, not the Bear)... and ICF Core Competency 5

In 2016, I traveled — one might even say took a pilgrimage – to a Middle Eastern country.  My thoughts often go back to the many ways in which that journey changed my life, and changed me.  As is so often the case, the most profound insights and changes occurred organically and separately from the itinerary, but that is the stuff of a different blog post.   

The trip was sponsored by a local Christian church.  I opted to add a three-day "Jesus Trail" ( 'package' to the beginning of the trip.

The Jesus Trail tour was led by a guide named Yogi, who happened to be Jewish (this fact will become relevant in a moment).  Yogi was exceptional at setting the stage for the seven of us to have life-changing experiences simply by the way in which he led this tour (more on that later, as well).

The subsequent 10-day tour was led by a different tour guide.  This tour guide, whose name escapes me, happened to be Christian...

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