Six Strategies for Successful Community Building

A brand community is only as valuable as the work you put into it or provide. Meaning you can't expect the community to do the work for you at all times. You must put work into it first to gain the amazing benefits brand communities return. Strong communities share your messages across many different avenues, starting with their closest friends and family, ultimately increasing your brand awareness, recognition, and credibility.

Here are six community building strategies to learn and how they can grow your business:

1. Incorporate Customer Feedback 

When you receive any feedback from a customer, whether email, in the community, or otherwise, use that information in the community. If it's positive feedback, call out the customer in the group and thank them. How you respond to negative feedback demonstrates how you will make it better or change something you do. This shows your customers you are listening.

2. Respond to Product Reviews

If someone gives you a review, don't just...

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