Coaching Questions: The Unexpected Key to Selling Your Services

Coaching Questions: The Unexpected Key to Selling Your Services

As a coach, you're no stranger to the power of a well-placed question. It's the tool you wield to unlock insights, foster growth, and guide your clients toward their goals. But have you ever considered that the same questions you use in coaching can be your secret weapon in selling your services? Let's dive into the universe of questions that sell, and trust me, it's as intriguing as the latest science fiction novel I've been engrossed in!

The Art of Questioning in Coaching

In coaching, questions are the bridge to understanding. They help clients articulate their desires, confront their fears, and chart a path forward. But what if we took those same principles and applied them to the sales process? Paul Cherry, in his enlightening book "Questions That Sell," describes effective sales questions as "truth-seeking missiles." And just like in a gripping sci-fi plot, when aimed correctly, these missiles can have a...

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